Return from Concussion / Injury to Play

Edmonton Ringette 
Player Return to Play Guideline 

Edmonton Ringette has implemented player injury guidelines that all teams must follow. Adults 
making decisions for young athletes must be proactive in identifying injury and ensuring safe return 
to play, especially from concussion. In order to address this critical issue, Edmonton Ringette has 
implemented the following guideline that covers actions to be taken when an injury occurs, along 
with specific protocols that must be followed to ensure the player’s safe return to play. 
Our players’ wellbeing is the primary focus of this guideline and as such it is mandatory that every 
team official (Coach/ Manager) review and understand it. The purpose of this guideline is to ensure 
our athletes are not put into game situations before they have fully recovered from an injury. 
Below is the “Return to Play Form” (RTP) that must be used when an athlete returns from injury 
or concussion. This form contains specific instructions that must be followed before an athlete is 
allowed return to play. The form must be completed by a health care provider for any athlete that has 
been removed from play due to injury. The RTP form must be signed by the athlete’s parent/guardian 
consenting to the health care provider’s recommendations. A copy of this form must be retained by 
the coach/manager with a copy to the Registrar of Edmonton Ringette. 

Click Here for the Complete Form.

For additional information regarding concussions, please check out these helpful links.


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